Written Testimonials

"I enjoy Stur, and I love their fruit flavors – Strawberry tastes like real strawberry and not flavoring! My favorite thing about Stur is that they use natural Stevia instead of sugar or other manmade artificial substitutes, and the best part is I get added vitamins. I'm terrible about taking my vitamins out of pure stubbornness!”

-Stephanie S.
South Jordan, UT

"Being a mom of 2 young boys and a full time chemist, life gets crazy. I use Stur in my water every day to keep myself hydrated and to keep my energy up. The flavor tastes great and turns ordinary water into the extraordinary!!! I also love the fact that it is natural with zero calories using Stevia, instead of all the chemicals in the artificial sweeteners. It is a must have!"

-Jennifer M.
Liverpool, NY

"I used to drink sports drinks and vitamin waters, but I ended up gaining weight because of all of that extra sugar and calories. I just felt terrible. Then I found Stur. The flavors are fantastic, and more importantly, it helps me be so much healthier. With Stur, I was able to change my life, and am now more physically active than ever before. "

-Phil A.
Hoboken, NJ

"I am VERY happy to have found Stur, and have been sharing it with family and friends. In fact, I sent Stur to a friend with a preteen who is working hard to lose weight and would delight in such a treat without the calories and sugar. Another happy customer!!"

-Kris Y.
Rockaway, OR

I just want to say how much I love my Stur products! There is not a day that goes by that I do not use my Stur to flavor my water. They sit on my counter and I go thru a rotation on which flavor to use next. I am not sure I could pick a favorite......probably Tea with Lemon or Pomegranate Cranberry!!! I also have bottles on my desk at work. The great thing about Stur is not just its natural tasting flavor, it is the health benefits of drinking so much water without the added chemicals. I use to buy other flavors but since I am trying to eliminate artificial sweeteners and other unnecessary ingredients that is why I love Stur and their helpful, friendly staff! A Forever customer

-Stacie D.
Louisville, KY

Just a note of thanks for your product line. As someone with Type 2 diabetes, Stur drink enhancers have helped me stay hydrated and snack food free. Drinking plain water never appealed to me and every "enhancer" I found was sweetened with chemicals I did not want in my body. I am so glad that I found Stur! Thank you, again. I will definitely tell my friends and family about your products.

-Mark F.
Pittsburgh, PA

My daughter spent most of her recent pregnancy high-risk and on bed rest. Her doctor wanted her to drink 15-20 glasses of water daily. This is not easy to do, and I ordered Stur online to help. She was able to drink that quantity of water because of the Stur and did not have to go on bed rest. This was such a huge relief to our entire family. So now Baby Isabelle is with us and is happy and healthy!

-Bonnie Z.
Westfield, IN

Stur REALLY HELPS WITH DIETING. When told to drink 10 glasses of water a day most people struggle, but I was able to do this with ease using Stur because the flavors are outstanding and not overwhelming as some products can be. I love these products. I don't tolerate sugar well and it is so hard to find products that use stevia as a sweetener. Stur is so easy to use and carry with you. I carry a bottle in my purse to use when I am out, it is so handy and not as messy as some powders can be.

-Joan P.
Cleveland, TN

My young son and I enjoy adding Stur's all natural flavors to our water! The taste is clean and refreshing. I will absolutely continue buying Stur products:)

-Audra C
Arlington Heights, IL

I just wanted to write you a short note telling you how much I love Stur. I had Bariatric Surgery this past June and for some reason plain water makes me nauseous. With your product I am able to add flavor so that I can tolerate drinking water again. Thank you for making such a great product, it helps me to get in the amount of water I need each day by letting me control how much flavor I add!

-Janet B.
Marshfield, MA

In my neighborhood, tap water tastes terrible!! It tastes like chlorine, so most people drink bottled water and we both know that is bad for the environment! I love Stur because it masks the taste of our tap water.

-Debra P.
San Diego, CA

I love Stur's selection of flavors, the fact that it is all natural, and the competitive price point which make Stur attractive for those looking to lose weight and stay healthy.

-Jack P.
Bowie, MD

I am so happy with the Stur product! This product has been life changing for me and my family. We were searching for a sugar free, stevia based product to add to our water so that we could drink more and be healthier. We were so happy to find Stur. It is sugar free, stevia is a healthy sweetener that doctors support, and the taste is great. A few drops and you have a great flavored water. We are drinking more water daily and I know that others will enjoy it.

-Dr. Matasha J.
Tinley Park, IL


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